Criteria for membership of the PPN

To qualify for membership, groups must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Groups are not-for-profit and operate within the community, voluntary and environmental sectors
  • Have more than five (5) members
  • Have an appropriate governance structure e.g. a written constitution operating rules & procedures. If you do not have this you can find a sample here.
  • Be a minimum of six months in existence
  • Be open to new members
  • Have a formal structure e.g. Chairperson, Secretary or Equivalent
  • Be active and have a postal address in County Mayo
  • Be broadly representative and accountable
  • Hold an AGM and have regular meetings
  • Be non-party political, anti-sectarian and non-discriminatory
  • Be independent, with a committee or board (not a substructure or subcommittee)
  • Are volunteer led [organisations can have paid staff, but must be under voluntary control]
  • Be able to establish their bona fides as a community or voluntary organisation and provide documentation if requested to do so.
  • Where a PPN Member intends to run for public office they must declare their interest and on formal nomination step down from the PPN for the period of the elections and can return if not elected.
  • Renew their membership every year.
  • Ensure to notify PPN Office of any changes in details of primary contact person for your group.