Linkage (Interest) Groups

Linkage Groups are the way that Mayo PPN members have input into policy in their area of operation and operate by bringing together member organisations with a common interest to discuss their diverse views and interests in a specific policy area.

All PPN membership groups have the option of joining one or more Linkage (Interest) Groups (to link with a specific committee/s where the PPN is being represented).

The Linkage (Interest) Group:

  • Discuss and debate issues of relevance to the committee
  • Informs the representative on the committee of their views
  • Reports to the Plenary annually, through a report issued by the Secretariat
  • Should have the opportunity to agree the contents of the report, where agreement has not been reached this should be stated
  • Encourage new members participation
  • The Linkage (Interest) Group representative
  • Feeds back to the Linkage (Interest) Group
  • Engage in 2-way communication on matters and in a variety of ways including face to face, electronically and remotely
  • Is accountable to the linkage Group
  • Must adhere to the Representatives Charter

The Linkage (Interest) Group:

  • Elects representatives onto the committees seeking nominations
  • Can censure or remove a rep, if two thirds of Linkage (Interest) group members agree that they are not fulfilling the terms of the representative‚Äôs charter
  • Can develop and submit policy proposals as agreed by their membership