Mayo PPN Structure

The Mayo PPN is organised at County and Municipal District Level and shall be composed of its registered member groups in the county.

The PPN is made up of a number of interconnected structures, these are:

  • the County Plenary
  • Municipal District Plenary
  • Linkage (Interest) Groups
  • Secretariat/committee and Resource Worker

What is the Secretariat?

The Secretariat is the administrative body of the PPN and is elected by the members of the PPN. The Secretariat also oversee the day-to-day operation of the PPN and implement the PPN workplan. Secretariat members are elected by the Plenary (collection of all groups registered with Mayo PPN).

What is the Plenary?

The Plenary is a meeting of all community groups registered with Mayo PPN. Each member organisation has voting rights at the Plenary. The Plenary ratifies representatives and policies. The Plenary meets twice a year and is the decision-making body of the PPN.

What happens at PPN Plenary/Information meetings?

Plenary meetings are an opportunity for all members of Mayo PPN to meet, share ideas and exchange information.
At the Plenary/information evenings members are updated on PPN activities and what it aims to achieve in the future.
Members have an opportunity to input into Mayo PPN’s policies, strategies, work plans, priorities and direction.
The Plenary/information evening is also an opportunity for members to find out about issues and activities relating to the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sphere of Mayo PPN.