Objectives of Mayo PPN

Mayo PPN will work with the community, voluntary and environmental sectors to:

  • Facilitate and contribute to opportunities for networking, communication and the sharing of information
  • Strengthen these sectors’ capacity to contribute positively to the community
  • Identify issues of collective concern and ensure the sectors have a strong collective voice
  • Acknowledge and promote the contribution the community, voluntary and environmental sectors make to society
  • Actively support inclusion of socially excluded groups, communities experiencing high levels of poverty and communities experiencing discrimination
  • Encourage and enable participation in local decision making and planning of services
  • Take an active formal role in policy making and oversight committees of the Mayo Local authority. 2.8. Ensure clear and transparent mechanisms for the selection of members of the community, voluntary and environmental sectors to participate in policy making fora and facilitate elections onto decision making bodies
  • Facilitate a high level of accountability and feedback mechanisms to PPN members
  • Engage members in processes that will feed into policies and plans and provide a strong voice of community, voluntary and environmental sectors on local decision-making structures
  • Support individual members of the PPN to develop their capacity to do their own work effectively and also participate effectively in the activities of the PPN
  • Act as the vehicle to gather feedback and input into policies and plans being developed by Mayo local authority, reflecting both areas of disagreement and, where there is no consensus, the range of views.
  • Work to affect national and regional policies in collaboration with other PPNs.