Community Biodiversity Grants

With the support of the Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage, The Community Foundation’s Environment and Nature Fund has been devised to enhance biodiversity in communities throughout the country by combining the expertise of qualified ecologists with the skills, experience and enthusiasm of local community groups.
There are currently two grant rounds open to applications:
To develop Community Biodiversity Action Plan and Projects (CBAPPs)
To implement recommendations from a previous CBAPP
Organisations can apply once to one of the grant rounds above.
Through the first grant round, local organisations can apply for up to €10,000 to develop and produce a CBAPP in their local area with the help of an ecologist.
In the second grant round, local organisations can apply for up to €5,000 to implement the recommendations of a previous CBAPP.
The grant rounds are open for applications from Monday 12th September until Friday 7th October, and grants to successful applicants will be awarded before Christmas.
For more information, full criteria and the online application forms, please see: