COVID 19 : UPDATE from Mayo County Council


Stay Safe – Stay Strong – Stay Separate

Mayo County Council appeals for people to take social separation seriously

This is an extraordinary time, that requires extraordinary measures, therefore the Cathaoirleach, and Chief Executive of Mayo County Council are taking the unusual step of issuing a PLEA for everyone to abide by advice from our health experts on social distancing – social distance require 2 metres or 6 foot 5 inches of a distance – Think of keeping a tall rugby player of a distance between you and the next person to you, wherever you go!

The key message is to Stay Safe – Stay Strong – Stay Separate

  • Mayo Co Council is here for our Communities Our offices are open – Essential public services including Roads, Water, Housing, Environment, Motor Tax and Planning are all being delivered with new arrangements in place to manage contact and protect public health and safety. All updates are posted on our website … and on our Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Community Engagement: We are working with Community Groups to co-ordinate voluntary efforts and with the HSE and Gardai to identify and support those who may need additional support and monitoring at this time. You will find a map of all of the community volunteer groups throughout the county on our homepage of, log-on to get the contact information that you need.
  • Support for HSE: We have put all our available facilities and resources at the disposal of the HSE in fighting this war. The Lough Lannagh Leisure Complex is in service as a Covid-19 Test Centre. The complex isn’t open to the public, so we ask people to be mindful of people’s privacy and not visit the centre unless referred by their GP.
  • Playgrounds We have had to close the playgrounds throughout the county to protect the young against the spread of the virus. We ask that parents please, please adhere to the closure of the playgrounds and not to allow their children to play there. We also request that people refrain from removing the warning signage at the playground. The virus can live on surfaces for many days we implore people to be mindful of this.

Everyone Can Contribute – Social Distancing is the key and the next seven days are crucial for the fate of this county.

We do not want to see convoys of trucks ferrying coffins for burial. Everyone can help – everyone should help – everyone must help to support frontline medical personnel. Follow the advice and keep your distance ……

WE PLEA …. Please please …. For your Community, For your County, For your Country
Stay Safe – Stay Strong – Stay Separate