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Who are EirGrid – and what do we do?
EirGrid operates and develops the electricity grid in Ireland. We ensure you have a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity. By connecting new sources of renewable generation, we will help Ireland to reduce its carbon emissions. Our work also safeguards a supply of electricity you can rely on – today, tomorrow and
for years to come.

North Connacht 110 kV Project
We’re currently planning developments to the electricity grid in your area. The North Connacht Project will add a new 110kV electricity line or cable in the region.
This will run between substations in Moy, near Ballina and Tonroe, near Ballaghadereen. This new development will be also supported by the upgrade of an existing line. Combined, these developments will make the national grid stronger.

Key Facts

Competition – Apply downward pressure on the cost of electricity to consumers
Sustainability – Help facilitate Ireland’s transition to a low carbon energy future
Security of Supply – Enhanced security of supply for Irish electricity consumers
Economic Benefits Help support the growth of regional industry

What’s happening now?

We are now at Step 4 of six-steps on the North Connacht Project. When this step is completed a decision on where the new line or cable will be located has to be made. In coming to this decision we would like your input. We would like to hear from you to learn how we should engage with you, and take your feedback and comments in to the next phase of the project.

How can I tell EirGrid what I think about this project?

We know that COVID-19 has brought significant challenges to everybody, as a result of which, we are working on new ways to engage with you on this project. To assist us in this, we would like you to make us aware of how you wish to be contacted and how we can best relay information to you as the project

To receive project updates or to assist in deciding how we engage you in our consultation planned to begin in September, please email your request to [email protected] and a link to a survey will be sent to you. The answers you provide will shape our engagement with you. If you do not have email access but would like to receive project updates or participate in the survey, please make contact with one of our liaison team:
Community Liaison Officer – Eoghan O’Sullivan: 087 247 7732 or
Agricultural Liaison Officer – Aidan Naughton: 086 172 0156
For more information on the North Connacht Project, please visit