ESB Energy for Generations Fund

Closing Date: Quarter 2, 2nd June & Quarter 3, 10th August  2022.

Charities working in the areas of suicide prevention, homelessness and education access and support can apply to the Fund for project specific funding.

Every quarter ESB allocates an amount from the Fund for disbursement. The amount may vary because of the volume of applications received or seasonal considerations – wintertime and Christmas may require more funding than summer.

Average funding awards in recent years have been c. €8,000 – €12,000

Applications submitted during each quarter are appraised at the end of the quarter and funding allocated accordingly.

The 2022 closing dates for applications are:

Quarter 2 – 2nd June 2022
Quarter 3 – 10th August  2022
Quarter 4 – 2nd November 2022

Full details and application are available here.