Getting Through COVID19 Together



The outbreak of COVID 19 globally is a source of significant stress, anxiety, worry and fear for many people. This arises from the disease itself, as well as from impacts such as increased social isolation, disruption to daily life and uncertainty about employment and financial security.

The Government Action Plan in response to Covid-19 acknowledges the importance of people maintaining their wellbeing and resilience to push through this unprecedented outbreak.


The Department of Health and the HSE, in collaboration with key cross-Government and cross-sectoral partners, have been developing a mental wellbeing campaign aimed at offering support and resources to help deal with the stress, anxiety and isolation currently experienced by many people.

The campaign, which is hosted on, points people to the HSE’s Your Mental Health supports and resources which include many online and telephone services, as well as providing tips and advice from cross-Government and Healthy Ireland partners on topics such as physical activity, parenting, coping with daily routines, supporting the ‘cocooned’ and getting involved in the community solidarity efforts.


Nothing has ever felt so abnormal in living memory. We want people to know that whatever they’re facing right now, and in whatever personal way they’re responding to this crisis … that they are not alone.
Because whilst some of us are feeling a little anxious, some of us might be feeling very worried about money and some of us might just be bored. This campaign is about uniting all of us. Bringing us together in the name of wellbeing to support us all, because ‘All of us are ‘Some of us’’

The campaign emphasises the importance of collective support and staying connected to others, and while all of us are experiencing different concerns, it highlights:

“no matter what you’re going through, let’s stay connected and make it through, together”.