Mayo says No to Racism

A community group with the support of Mayo County Council are putting together a short video to promote anti-racism in Mayo.

We are asking you to get involved by submitting a short video piece (30 seconds to a minute) which will include the line  “Mayo says No to racism”.

Please feel free to spread the word near and far around the County.

Mayo is a hub of creativity and this project will enable and strengthen our voice to stand up to Racism.

You are welcome to sing, talk , dance, paint, be as creative or not as you wish…

The aim of the project is to show the world that Mayo rejects racism.

Please submit your video to Brendan Hurley, at [email protected]  before 5 pm 4th of September 2020.

If any further information or clarification required, please do not hesitate to e mail Brendan at the above e mail address or Jim Power at [email protected]

Thanks everyone, looking forward to seeing your creativity.