National Economic and Social Research Council- Research on Contribution of Voluntary Sector During COVID-19

The National Economic and Social Research Council, NESC, are interviewing DFI as part of a qualitative research project aimed at capturing:

  1. The significant contribution of the voluntary sector during the emergency period.
  2. The unprecedented levels of collaboration between statutory and voluntary agencies.


The research project will inform the work of the state and voluntary organisations Dialogue Forum which DFI sits on. We would love to hear from our members about their thoughts prior to the interview. The focus of the interview will be the following areas:

  • The particular challenges that DFI member organisations faced during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Examples of innovation and flexibility in responding to these challenges.
  • The level and types of collaboration between the statutory and voluntary sectors that emerged during the crisis.
  • The extent to which these developments provide a basis for more productive relationships, new approaches to service delivery, new ways of working and enhanced outcomes for service users.


If you have any thoughts either on these particular areas, or the research as a whole, please get in touch with Ríona at [email protected]