New Fund Creative Climate Action II: Agents for change.

Minister Catherine Martin and Minister Eamonn Ryan are delighted to jointly announce a new fund Creative Climate Action II: Agents for change. This unique €3.6m fund will run from 2023-2025. The goal is community climate action using the talent of the arts, culture, heritage and wider creative sectors for public engagement.

The search is on to find a small number of extraordinary creative teams who will each be funded to develop a major public engagement project. Your creative teams can be made up of talent from the worlds of climate science, community engagement, arts, culture and creative sectors and academics. Also they are interested in projects with a Shared Island dimension.

Here are the 2 strands

Spark for new smaller projects up to €50,000

Ignite for ambitious large-scale public engagement projects up to €250,000

The process to apply is simple. Put your imagination to the test by assembling a group from different sectors to form a creative team, then submit your application. We want you to design projects that are imaginative, engaging, open, original and created to bring people together.

Read full brief here.