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Achill Oral Histories

Achill Oral Histories is long term project is dedicated to protecting the heritage of Achill through community education and outreach. The project's strategies objectives may be summarised as follows: -The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage and sciences related to creation and preservation of an oral history archive based on the life histories of the Achill people past and present. -The advancement of community development initiatives, including those related rural regeneration, to advancement of key employability and other related skills. The project is committed to the promotion of sustainable employability practices through the promotion of oral history and the spoken word. The project is based at on Achill island in Ashleam National School, a valuable community space well known to the public. The project intends to make the rich heritage of Achill accessible using a range of multisensory media. The recordings and transcript of each oral history interview will be made available on a dedicated web portal and will be compliant with ethical practices. Furthermore, Achill Oral Histories will support people (particularly young people) in developing valuable employability skills, specifically in competencies such as research design, research methodology, analysis and evaluation, research ethics and integrity, interviewing skills and sound/textual editing processes. The project will sound governance through both its constitutional arrangements and the recruitment of a steering group comprising representatives of both the Achill and the oral history community.






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