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Bohola Community Park

In February 2019 Bohola Community Park CLG was officially formed. With the population of Bohola increasing annually, the need for a recreational area and a place where people can access is of utmost importance. We have been donated roughly 13 acres of land to develop where we hope to have: 1. A full sized pitch 2. A training pitch 3. A car park 4. A club house 5. A playground 6. A biodiversity walkway which will be lit up at night that surrounds the park and connects to a walkway that leads to the local National School. 7. A community Garden and Sensory Garden Our committee is composed of local people who want to improve and enhance the community in a way that involves local people of all ages. We are all volunteers from a broad cross section of our community. We have a qualified ecologist on our committee who is committed to making our dream become a reality for our community. Three local landowners have given us the permission to use their space for the connecting walkway at no cost to the community. We want to showcase the natural ecosystems that exist and make sure that the walkway protects these habitats for future generations. This walkway will include orchards, sensory gardens and a public vegetable garden for the community and will be wheelchair accessible.