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Green Sod Ireland is an environmental, registered charity that works to protect land in its care, for its own sake and for the sake of all species that live on it. - Vision: a country where ecosystems are thriving and flourishing. - Mission: Establishing WildAcres across Ireland to create safe habitats and facilitate the free movement of wildlife, vital for biodiversity. There are three interconnected strands running in Green Sod: - Establishing WildAcres (land under protection) across Ireland. Over 200 acres across Ireland have been gifted to Green Sod Ireland and are being managed to promote biodiversity, health and well-being. - Ecological Education (Primary/Secondary/Adult Initiatives Themes include wild bees, story of the universe, connecting with nature, sustainability and much more . . . all focusing on the impact on the natural world (climate and biodiversity) of the choices we make in the way we live. - Addressing Community empowerment, strongly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our community partners act with us as overseers of conservation; supporting transformative/sustainable development through collaboration. This approach has multiple benefits: participatory local community life, improving food and water security, protecting habitats to support biodiversity and addressing climate change. Green Sod Ireland was set up in 2007 and won a Social Entrepreneurs Elevator Award in 2013 for its work in addressing environmental challenges, for the sake of present and future generations. The organisation is run by a Board of Directors (7 in number), none of whom profit financially from their involvement, an office administrator, and a core group of committed specialist advisors/volunteers, using the model of Organisational Complexity which offers an emergent approach to organisational change.