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Irish Foster Care Assoication

IFCA Branches meet on a regular basis and organize activities such as coffee mornings, meetings, support groups, information sessions, social events, training and learning opportunities etc. Becoming an active member of your local IFCA Branch can provide you with an important opportunity to: Meet local foster carers and people with an interest in foster care in your area; Discuss issues relating to foster care and receive advice on where to seek further assistance in relation to these issues; Access high quality peer support which can be in the form of formal support groups, buddy systems to informal coffee mornings etc. Research shows that peer contact is seen as fulfilling a number of important support needs, above and beyond the valuable network of support sometimes provided by supervising social workers, family and friends. Peer contact can serve to counter the sense of isolation that foster carers can experience; Have your voice heard and advocated for at Local, Regional and National Level within IFCA and, through IFCA, the relevant decision makers in foster care; Receive information on current developments in fostering and IFCA’s role in advocating and campaigning for change; Receive information on IFCA’s services, upcoming local/national seminars and training, learning and social events.