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Mayo International Film Festival

MIFF is dedicated to supporting Irish independent filmmakers and smaller production companies by offering a dynamic platform to showcase new work. Though MIFF welcomes submissions from all over the world, one of its main aims is the promotion of the West of Ireland, and specifically Mayo, as a filmmaking location. It also aims to encourage the development of filmmakers and crew based in Mayo. Each year, starting in 2022, a film festival is held over a 3-day period. This festival showcases films which have been submitted from Mayo-based, Irish and International filmmakers. All films are in short form, and cover a range of filmmaking genres and styles including live-action, animation, documentary and experimental work. These films are presented to the community, giving Mayo people an opportunity to see a diverse range of films which they otherwise would not have the opportunity to view. We have created a special category dedicated exclusively to the work of Mayo-based filmmakers. The festival highlights Mayo as both a filmmaking location, and as a rich resource of filmmaking talent, cast and crew. With the help of funding, we hope to increase the scope of the festival in 2023 to include workshops in screenwriting, animation, film production, direction, music composition and acting - all aimed at the local community as well as schools and youth groups. We also aim to include panel discussions from industry professionals as well as other related events which will attract tourism to the area and open up the community to a wide range of activities and cultural events.