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Mayo SPCA exists to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and neglected animals in Mayo We are a voluntary organisation, made up of volunteers and we believe in: Animals have a right to ready access to food and water and to a diet that promotes their health and wellbeing. Animals have a right to comfort in keeping with their breed, size, age and state of health. Animals have the right to best possible health according to their breed, size and pre-existing conditions. They have a right to treatment of illness and injury and should never be left to suffer in pain. Animals have a right to live according to their breed, size, age and mobility. They should have safe space and facilities to be exercised, play or mobilise as they need to. Animals have the right to live in peace and comfort and should not have to live in any set of conditions that cause fear, distress or isolation. The vital input of volunteers and the communities of Mayo Partnership with the wider community including the Gardai and Dog Warden The use of our contacts and social media to promote responsible pet ownership and assist the public with lost and found animals Sharing our successes and experiences with the wider community to create awareness and highlight areas where work is needed to achieve improvements in overall animal welfare