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Order Of Malta Ballina Unit

The Order of Malta Ireland Ambulance Corps is one of the largest providers of first–aid and voluntary medical services in Ireland. Our members volunteer their time on a weekly basis to provide the highest standard of first-aid medical services at national and local events, training in life-saving skills and delivering community care initiatives. We continue to save, touch and change thousands of lives with our efforts every year. The Ballina unit provide event medical services at a local level at festivals, sporting events and community gatherings. We also assist at larger national events alongside our colleagues across the country. We provide first aid and training services to members, the public and businesses and organisations locally. We undertake extensive community care activities, working closely with social services, elderly and vulnerable members o the community and local medical facilities and hospitals. The Ballina unit has a thriving cadet section with children between 10 and 16 trained in life saving skills and other fun activities.