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The Neale & Lough Mask Social Group

The Neale & Lough Mask Social Grp are a voluntary organisation established to create a social outlet for the eldery and retirees in the community. We organise social gatherings/day trips etc, and so give them an outlet to ensure that they maintain contact with the community and with their friends. For some off our members these organised events are their only means of socialising and keeping in touch with the local community. Our two main events are a summer outing/day trip and a christmas dinner party night. These have been running since 2003 and cost in the region of €1900 for those alone. For smaller events, we are fotunate to have the use of the local community hall, however heating, transportation etc all need to be costed in. Financially, we don't receive any funding from the government or any other organisations. In the past, we did receive a small amount from Section 39 funding but this was stopped in 2018. We now rely totally on fundraising and donations. All committee members work on a voluntary basis. At present we reach out to over 50 retirees and eldery people, and this number is growing.