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WoMen of Strength

WoMen of Strength is a group of local women & men who come together to promote healing & recovery from sexual abuse/violence. WoMen of Strength was founded to fill a gap in the community. There is no group based in Erris whose purpose is to acknowledge and address the very real lifelong consequences of sexual abuse and violence. This is particularly challenging in a rural community like Erris where almost all abuse is domestic i.e. takes place within the community where perpetrators are known to the victims. Our aims are to: Advance the health, wellbeing & education of survivors of trauma in Erris by working to ensure survivors have opportunities to participate in WoMen of Strength projects/initiatives. Provide a direct community based service of information, guidance & support to community groups, orgs or individuals seeking to learn more. Enable information sharing & cooperation between various groups in Erris, through provision of interactive social media presence.