PPN Stakeholder Training

An online only self-paced training videos programme for PPN stakeholders has been developed with SJI. Registrations for the online only training is now open. Social Justice Ireland is providing this training on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The online only training covers the following:

  • An Introduction to the PPNs (2 Modules)
  • Local Government Budgets
  • PPNs and Local Government
  • Effective Participation in Consultations
  • Effective Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Measuring Outcomes and Impacts

This is online only and is intended for self-directed learning at the learner’s own pace. Social Justice Ireland will provide some support via the webform on each Module page. There are no scheduled classes as part of this training.

This training is available to the following PPN Stakeholders:

  • PPN Workers
  • PPN Secretariat Members
  • PPN Representatives
  • Local Authority Staff
  • Elected Councilors

To register, please complete the Registration Form at the following link…Training Link to be completed