Social Innovation Fund Ireland (SIFI) Ignite Fund Opens for Applications

SIFI’s €550,000 Ignite Fund will support the most innovative charities and social enterprises in Ireland. The Fund has four categories to which organisations can apply: Empowering Families, Music to Impact, Harnessing Ability and Youth Resilience. The closing date for applications is 6 May 2019.

The Ignite Fund is created by Social Innovation Fund Ireland and supported by several private philanthropists and the Department of Rural and Community Development from the Dormant Accounts Fund. Applicants have the potential to win Awards packages (including cash grants and business supports) worth €55,000 to €75,000.

The four categories are:

  1. The Empowering Families Award is open to applications from innovative projects or organisations working with families experiencing disadvantage and that provide training and support to parents or guardians of children aged 6-12 years, in order to develop their parental capacity.
  2. The Music to Impact Award is open to innovative projects or organisations which use music as a means to enhance wellbeing or promote social inclusion for children, young people or adults.
  3. The Harnessing Ability Award is open to organisations whose mission is to create economic opportunity for adolescents or adults with disabilities through innovative programmes that enhance skills, drive leadership potential and provide job opportunities. The Award is supported by the W2 Foundation and also Ralph and Maureen Parkes.
  4. The Youth Resilience Award is open to innovative projects focused on the mental health of young people in Ireland in the context of increased social and digital media use. The Youth Resilience Award is also supported by W2 Foundation and Ralph and Maureen Parkes.

Applicants must have not-for-profit legal status to be considered for Social Innovation Fund Ireland. The closing date for applications is 6 May 2019.

More information on the fund can be found here.